Commissioning and Operational Readiness Software for the Mining Industry

Commissioning Software for Mining Industry


CORS has been developed in-house and was conceived from our client’s requirements to achieve sustainable plant operation at or exceeding design capacity in the mining industry/processing facilities.


CORS drives the closeout of construction and commissioning in the mining industry via the generation of the necessary test sheets, hand over packages, transfer of care custody and control certificates. CORS also manages the operational readiness requirements to facilitate effective, timely transfer of the plant to operations. CORS provides fast, informative, real-time reporting of the actual status of commissioning and operational readiness, essential during the pre-operational phase, allowing easy identification of areas requiring corrective actions.

A multi-user commissioning platform well suited for the mining industry projects. CORS has a friendly, intuitive graphic user interface enabling the commissioning of complex projects (green and brownfields), minimizing commissioning and operational risk. 



Key Features of CORS for the Mining Industry

✔ Fully flexible WBS structure to suit any division of project(s) into functional systems;

✔ Supports inclusion of multiple plant systems, into functional commissioning systems;

✔ Customizable commissioning stages, including preservation;

✔ Customizable disciplines;

✔ Fast informative real time report generation to track progress (check sheets, punch lists, handover status, change management and alike) allowing tracking of all stages of commissioning and associated documentation;

✔ A fully editable database allowing check sheet, punch list, change management and handover document generation;

✔ Handover pack dossier generation;

✔ Import and export function;

✔ Bulk Bar Code scan functionality;

✔ Generation of detailed commissioning progress reports at the system, subsystem, equipment and functional system levels;

✔ Manage punch lists and lessons learnt;

✔ Quality management of documentation (controlled and uncontrolled) linked at system, subsystem and equipment level to any management system, or drive;

✔ Powerful search function;

✔ The historical record of all testing, baselines, OEM and alike information;

✔ Integrates project data seamlessly into maintenance planning



What makes CORS Commissioning Software so unique for the Mining Industry?


  • icon Designed from first principles
    by experienced commissioning and operations personnel from both the client and contractor sectors.
  • icon Multi-language platform for global use
    Currently available in English, Spanish and Chinese. However, we can accommodate most languages for easier customer use.
  • icon Fully customizeble
    Once the project WBS has been established, CORS can work with whatever structure and level the customers desires
  • icon User-defined WBS
    We work with YOUR WBS. We have the flexibility to adapt built into CORS foundation.
  • icon For projects large or small
    Use CORS on your Mega Project, or, multiple sustaining capital works project, large commercial developments, or smaller apartment complexes. No limitation on project size, activities or WBS levels to hinder effective management of projects.
  • icon Designed to assist Owners and Contractors
    Clients can work at higher levels of WBS to audit and monitor contractor progress. Contractors will find it easy to work to the lowest levels of detail to manage all commissioning and handover activities. Complying with requirements of Clients and Authorities has never been easier
  • icon Expert assistance to implement and train user operators
    We can provide trained professionals for the setup and customization of CORS, not just software people, but Commissioning people who understand Customer needs
  • icon User-friendly Graphical User Interface
    The Graphical interface makes working with CORS intuitive and efficient


icon Very powerful options built right in

Fully inclusive with no add-ons required, powerful SQL foundation

  • - Designed to be applied across all industries and projects
  • - Seamless integration with operational readiness and operator training requirements
  • - Fast flexible report generation
  • - Daily progress updates
  • - Full "ready to use" suite of test sheets and generated handover packs
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Why should you use Commissioning Software for your mining business?


  • CORS Commissioning Software Difference

    The CORS Difference

    ✔ Designed from first principles from the client’s perspective to
    accurately track and control project and operational requirements
    ✔ Customized to individual operational needs
    ✔ Variable license configurations
    ✔ End user-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate
    ✔ Runs on multiple SQL Platforms
    ✔ Manages operator training and operational readiness planning
    ✔ Establishes an early platform for sustainable and stable plant
  • CORS Commissioning Software Outcomes

    CORS Outcomes

    ✔Meaningful real-time control of commissioning and operational
    readiness activities
    ✔ Efficient ramp up and migration to a state of steady plant
    ✔ Control and transfer of all project data; and
    ✔ Removed the clients’ reliance on EPCM / EPC Engineers

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Or Contact us with any questions - we will be happy to help!

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Get started today with a Free Customized Quote !

Or Contact us with any questions - we will be happy to help!